DRAFT Comprehensive Plan Chapters

Check back here throughout the process to review draft chapters of the plan.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1 includes an introduction to the plan and overview of the process, as well as the Comprehensive Plan Vision and Planning Goals.

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Chapter 2: Existing Conditions

Chapter 2 provides an overview of existing conditions that set the context for the plan. In includes a discussion of regional and demographic trends, local land use patterns, and economic and fiscal conditions.

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Chapter 3: Action Areas

Chapter 3 identifies key issues that the Plan should address and opportunities that the Village can build upon. Issues and opportunities are organized in the following action areas: Connectivity, Housing, Environment, Sustainability, Municipal Services, Parks & Open Space, Land Use, Community Organizations, and Economic Resources.

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Chapter 4 provides the core policy recommendations of the Plan. These recommendations should be build on the takeaways from prior chapters,  addressing issues and opportunities raised during the course of the process. Recommendations are grouped by the 10 Action Areas.

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Chapter 5 will include a summary of action items that should be undertaken in order to implement the plan’s policies. The final chapter of the Plan will include an “implementation matrix” that outlines the recommendations and policies the Plan, along with a strategy for the Village to prioritize and implement those recommendations.

Executive Summary

Section 1: Waterfront Revitalization Boundary

Section 2: Inventory and Analysis

Section 3: Local Waterfront Revitalization Policies

Section 4: Proposed Land and Water Uses and Proposed Projects

Section 5: Techniques for Local Implementation

Section 6: State and Federal Actions Likely to Affect Implementation of the LWRP

Section 7: Local Commitment and Consultation

Additional Reference Materials

1997 Sleepy Hollow Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

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Village of Sleepy Hollow Zoning Map

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Village of Sleepy Hollow Parks Map

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Comprehensive Plan / Waterfront Plan RFP

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Request for Proposals Advertisement

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New York State Village Law 7-722

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